More and more people are coming to Canada from China. About 650,000 people visited Canada last year. Some visited relatives and friends, some just travel, some came to work for a period of time, some may come to cure diseases, of course, there are also overseas students. Everyone is leaving the country to come to a foreign country. When everyone visits a foreign country, the last thing they want to happen, but the last thing that may happen, is an accidental illness, or sometimes an acute illness. You know, if you’re hospitalized abroad, it’s an astronomical bill and you have to pay for it yourself. Even if you don’t go to the hospital, it’s not a small sum to see doctors and buy medicines. Unforeseen circumstance may happen at any time, then, what should you do? The answer is to buy travel insurance.

In addition, some people are required to buy travel insurance when applying for a Canadian visa. Otherwise, they cannot obtain a Canadian visa. For example, foreign employees, overseas students and people who want to enter Canada for special reasons, all of them need travel insurance when they apply for a visa.

Canada has very good welfare. In Ontario, free medical care is available to all OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan). If you immigrate to Ontario, congratulations, you can enjoy the Ontario Medical Insurance Plan. However, the Ontario Health Insurance Plan does not come into effect as soon as you get off the plane. It takes about 90 days to complete the process and take effect (the government is really slow to do things). During these 90 days, what if you or your family, especially the elderly or children, suddenly fall ill? In general, if it were not for OHIP, the estimated cost of a day’s medical treatment would be four thousand dollars. Should we wait until OHIP comes into effect? I’m sure you don’t want to. Is there a way to spend less money but see a doctor and go to a hospital without paying much? Of course, that is to buy travel insurance, which is a way both to relieve your worries and save money.

The amount covered in travel insurance can be divided into three categories: $50,000, $100,000 and $150,000. They include dental emergencies; returning the body of the deceased to the country if accidental death occurs; hospitalization, taking to the hospital, nursing staff and other medical expenses; automatically cover travel medical expenses to other provinces in Canada and the United States, etc. For details, please ask CIS Insurance Brokers.

It is also important to fill out the form when applying for insurance, and to fill it out carefully and honestly. If you provide false information, your premium will be paid in vain. According to CBC News, two elderly Canadians traveled to the United States last winter. They bought full travel insurance. Later, they fell ill on the way and spent more than 100,000 dollars on medical treatment in the United States after hospitalization. They asked the insurance company for medical compensation, but the insurance company refused to pay for “dishonest answers to past medical history when filling out the initial form”. This is a big lesson.

Of course, it is easy to avoid such troubles. Find an insurance broker from CIS Insurance Brokerage Company. First, they speak Mandarin, Cantonese, and English, communicating with them, you have no language barriers. They also provide services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Secondly, they will provide the travel insurance that best suits your needs. They will not only serve you during your trip, but also give you advices after the trip. If you’d like to travel to other Canadian provinces or to the United States, and how to buy the travel insurance, they can still help you. The good news is that CIS also offers discounts for travel insurance for 10 or more people. Just call them now!

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