Dear valued customers, as you must all be aware of COVID-19 and the strict protocols which have been implemented nationally, it is important that we continue to provide facilities to look after our current and prospective customers needs. Effective March 18th, 2020, CIS Insurance closed its corporate offices and has since had all members of its staff and broker partners working from home. Although we maintain a few members of our team to continue to maintain administration functions, our doors continue to be temporarily closed to the public. We can however maintain all your queries through one of our secure alternative channels. Existing Clients: Please call us on our toll-free line or contact your broker directly. New/Prospective Clients: All of our agents are equipped to bind coverage over the phone so we’ve got you covered. No paper, no complicated emails or forms. One calls and have your policy in place over the phone!

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With over 30+ years serving Chinese-Canadians, we understand your needs. Providing the highest level of protection at a competitive price is our duty to our clients. Whatever your insurance needs, we will find the solution right for you.

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Find the right coverage, at the right cost. CIS compares the prices of 10+ insurance companies, to find you the best price. Click here to find out how.

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Home, Condo, Tenants Insurance. No matter what your living situations, we have packages to cover your personal possessions at a competitive price.

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Visiting Canada? Travelling to the US? Taking the family overseas?  We have travel packages for all ages to cover everything to from cancellations, lost baggage, all the way to emergency medical. Click here to find out more.

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One thing in life is certain, anything can happen. Find out more about how you can help your loved ones financially if something were to happen to you.

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Self-Employed? Own a family business? New to the country? Many medications and medical facilities are not covered by OHIP. Find a policy that can help cover the costs of unexpected medical issues.

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As a business owner it can be very expensive to cover the cost of invoices, lost income, and even inventory if you had an event which caused your business to stop. We can provide solutions to help make sure your family and employees are protected if something unexpected was to happen. Learn more by clicking here.

Necessary to Buy Travel Insurance When Traveling to Canada for Studying, Visiting

October 14, 2020
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More and more people are coming to Canada from China. About 650,000 people visited Canada last year. Some visited relatives and friends, some just travel, some came to work for a period of time, some may come to cure diseases, of course, there are also overseas students. Everyone is leaving the country to come to…

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Do You Need Tenant Insurance

October 14, 2020
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New immigrants, international students, temporary foreign workers—no matter what kind of newcomer you are to Canada, you normally need to rent a place you can call home, at least at the beginning. It can be a house, a unit of a condo, a student house, an apartment, or the basement of a house. Home insurance…

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What kind of auto insurance you should have

October 14, 2020
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Ready to take your wife and children for a ride in your newly bought dream car? Wait! You haven’t got your auto insurance yet… Drive without the auto insurance (car insurance) You may wonder: can I not drive without the auto insurance (car insurance)? You are right. Ontario law says you couldn’t drive without auto…

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Must-Know Info for Newly Licensed Driver Ontario

October 14, 2020
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Congratulations on getting your Ontario drivers license! Now you’re allowed to drive a car on the road as newly licensed driver. Of course, you also need a valid owner’s permit and license plate on your car, as well as proper car insurance. And you must obey traffic laws and drive safely. (More detail: )…

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Insurance Coverage Requirements in Ontario

October 16, 2018
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What is Legally Necessary vs. Important to Consider Context: Insurance in Ontario is a legal requirement in order to operate a vehicle on the road. Although insurance is required, the legal minimum versus what is required to ensure that you are protecting yourself and your family are widely different. This article should provide insight on…

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