Auto Insurance in Ontario is mandatory coverage to allow for a vehicle owner and licensed driver to operate a vehicle on public Ontario roads. In the event of an accident involving a single-vehicle or multi-vehicle scenario, this mandatory Auto Insurance will response to help protect both parties with regards to property damage, liability and personal injury. This allows the vehicle operator to rest easy knowing that any associated costs from repairing the vehicle to potential legal costs will not have to be paid from their own pocket but rather covered by the insurance company they have decided to go with. CIS Insurance helps to make those difficult decisions, simple and easy.


The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO), requires you to maintain the following coverage to be considered “an insured” automobile operator:

Third-Party Liability

This portion of your insurance policy protects you in the event that you are found personally negligent for damages caused as a result of your actions while operating a vehicle. It is important to note however, proving negligence and legal responsibility is not required for bring forth a claim. Expenses are incurred immediately upon receiving a legal “Statement of Claim” from a Third-Party. To avoid the costs in defending yourself from an insurable incident, your policy can help alleviate the pressure to personally manage these expenses and give you the peace of mind that your insurance company is taking care of you.

The minimum limits of coverage in Ontario are $200,000.00 for Third-Party Liability Insurance, however, these limits can be quite low when compared to recent incidents which have reported higher paid claims amounts. Speak to a CIS Insurance broker to discuss what limit is best to protect you and your family.

Statutory Accident Benefits

In an instant where a passenger, a loved one, or even yourself are injured in an accident Statutory Accident Benefits provide coverage for medical costs (including rehabilitation therapy and caregiver expenses) and even income replacement for lost wages during your inability to work. Although other coverage may be available through a more comprehensive policy such as a medical insurance plan, and/or disability insurance plan, your automobile insurance can respond when there are limited alternative solutions. A CIS broker can help provide you details on what limits are best for you and your family.

Direct Compensation

Direct compensation is coverage on your policy which protects you when a third-party is determined at fault for injury or damage to your vehicle. It can also provide coverage for your personal belonging inside your vehicle which are stolen, damaged, or lost during an insurable loss to your automobile.

Uninsured Automobile

Uninsured automobile is coverage which we all hope to never have to claim from, however, it important protection to have, which is why it is mandatory under an automobile insurance policy.  Essentially, it protects an insurance against property damage, injury, or death resulting from an uninsured driver. In the event an operator borrowed someone else’s vehicle and was unaware of whether coverage was active, or even if policy coverage was cancelled or not renewed and the operator/owner was unaware, the reality is that despite them not having coverage it shouldn’t mean that you are left unprotected. This section protects you even in the event that the party has failed to maintain their legal responsibility of carrying insurance coverage before operating a vehicle.

Statutory Accident Benefits

If you are injured in an automobile accident, statutory accident coverage provides coverage, whether you are found at fault or not. This coverage typically includes medical costs, which may include rehabilitation, caregiving, and income replacement.